Anti Virus

About Newry Computer Centre Ltd

If there's one thing guaranteed to cause problems with your computer systems its viruses and spyware. That why it's so important to take the right precautions to make sure your home or office PC is completely secure on the internet.

Here at Newry Computer Centre we only provide Anti-virus software you can trust, for outstanding protection across all Windows operating systems, including XP, Vista and even Windows 7. We even remove and fix existing virus and spyware problems either through our onsite computer repair services or at our computer repair shop in Newry.

For more information on Newry Computer Centre's anti-Virus software and removal services including cost and availability please call us on +44(0)28 3026 5600.



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  • Microsoft Registered Partner
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  • Symantec
  • AVG Authorised Seller
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  • HP
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