Listed below are a selection of Testimonials from the public:

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    ASM have been customers of Newry Computer Centre for many years. Like all modern businesses we rely heavily on I.T. and we therefore rely on our I.T. suppliers to ensure our systems are robust and that downtime is minimised.

    Over the years Sean, Ita & Brian have always provided an excellent service and worked closely with us to design and implement our I.T. systems. Equally importantly, when problems have arisen they have provided a rapid response service to ensure that disruption to our business is minimised.

  •               McAllister Bros.Limited Logo

    Newry Computer Centre has provided us with 1st class IT technical support and products for over 10 years.

    We recently updated our system to meet our ever changing business needs. Newry Computer Centre advised us at every stage and replaced our server with no 'downtime'. The transition was smooth causing no disruption to our business.

    We rely heavily on IT in our business. Newry Computer Centre has always delivered an excellent response time and put our needs first. They are willing to work at times to best suit our individual business.

    Every staff member we have encountered has been extremely friendly, knowledgeable and up-to-date with all hardware and software developments. Having the support of Newry Computer Centre has enabled us to carry out the day to day running of our business without having to worry about our IT infrastructure.

    I would highly recommend Newry Computer Centre for your Company's IT hardware and technical support.

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  • Microsoft Registered Partner
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  • AVG Authorised Seller
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