Upgrade or buy a new one? (Laptop guide)

4 February 2017

Laptops usually get slow because over the years they collect a lot of excess files and programs and a lot of times these programs will not benefit your computer, especially if they are viruses / adware / spyware or keylogers, but this is only the only software. Another thing to keep in mind that a laptop collects a lot of dust and needs to be cleaned to prevent overheating, the parts will age and software updates will become more demanding.

But before you consider buying a new laptop I will give you a list of options that will drastically increase the performance of the laptop as well as keeping your laptop even more secured:

1. Upgrade to a SSD (Solid State Drive) - A solid state drive is up to 30 times faster than a normal hard drive. It makes everything faster, booting up, shutting down, launching apps, saving, transferring files and much more. For example, with the old laptop, it will take you 32 seconds to open a 20 page Word document. With nothing changed just the normal hard drive replaced with a Solid State Drive it will only take you 1.8 seconds.

Solid State Drives will start from £70

(Data can be transferred and kept)


2. Upgrading your RAM - these days, everyone should have at least 8GB RAM. RAM is designed for multi-tasking, the more RAM you have on a

Laptop, means more multi-tasking you can do


RAM upgrades will start from £25

(Data and files will not be affected)

3. Graphics Card - most of the laptops will not have this option as most of them have built-in or processor based graphics card. When buying a laptop for gaming or 3D designs, then considers buying one with good graphics card.

In PC's you can upgrade your graphics card easily


Graphics Card - can start from as low as £50 low-end up to £900 high end gaming card

(Data and files will not be affected)


4. ProcessorThe processor is one of the most crucial parts in a laptop. Anything bellow Intel Core i3 is considered out-dated. While it is possible to upgrade processor, it can be really expensive, which is not suggested, therefore when buying a laptop, consider going for a fast processor, as Hard Drive and RAM can be upgraded in future. Processor determines speed of machine to speed up processor look at the section 5 (cleanup)

5. Clean-up - every single laptop in a market needs a cleanup. Our professional engineers can make sure that your laptop is free of Viruses, unusedstartup programs and bloatware (Unused apps usually installed automatically). This can speed up your machine, drastically and can make it even faster than the day you bought it.

Clean-up is highly depending on time can start from £10

(Data and files is usually not affected)


6. Protection - it is really important to keep your machine safe. Having anti-virus system}: wrong word" class="sac">an anti - virus system is crucial these days to keep your personal information and your data safe.

Protection - Anti-virus system can range from £10 to £40

(Data and files is not affected)


7. Backup – backup is crucial, especially for work or school. If you don’t want to lose all your data in case of failure of hard drive, backup all your files to an external hard drive.


Backup – backups can cost from £30

(Data and files is not affected)


8. Updates / Drivers

Windows updates are crucial, to keep your machine optimised to a maximum performance, make sure your windows and all your drivers are fully up to date.


Full windows and driver updates – from £20

(Data and files is not affected)


If you have any questions please do not hesitate and ask, we are open six days a week and we are able to provide professional advice, all the parts and work involved for really good price.

Call us now:028 3026 5600

If you want your laptop tested bring in today and we will tell you if it is worth upgrading or its time to buy a new one. 






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